Here at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, we are always humbled to hear that our patients are happy with their treatments. We strive to provide our patients with outstanding care and love to hear about their positive experiences. Consider the experiences of these happy patients when deciding where to go for injectables in San Diego.

Patient Testimonials

“I was so nervous about getting Botox, but Dr. Goldman really put me at ease with his expertise and obvious knowledge. He loves what he does and is really good at it! I am so happy I decided to get Botox at GBFG&F!”
-Lisa V.

“Dr. Butterwick is a Botox miracle worker! Boy do I look younger without my crow’s feet! I’m so happy that I think I’ll be going back to Dr. Butterwick to get Botox to correct my frown lines.”
-Ruth G.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my dermatology needs. That simple.”
-JoAnn G, patient of Dr. Fabi

Dr. Groff’s patient, Paloma, was referred by a friend for her Botox injections:

“Dr. Goldman keeps me looking young!”
-Georgia V.

“I made the huge mistake of going to a local MedSpa for Botox once and had a horrible experience. I came to Dr. Butterwick and I immediately saw the difference between going to a truly experienced, knowledgable dermatologist and going to a MedSpa. I now recommend Goldman, Butterwick, Fitzpatrick, Groff & to all my friends!”
-Trish A.

Dr. Goldman’s patient, Risa, has been seeing him for Botox treatments for several years:

“My family had made fun of my gummy smile for years and I was always self-conscious having my picture taken. I was so relieved when I found out that there was a Botox treatment for it and that Dr. Fabi was able to do it. Dr. Fabi listened to all my concerns and did such a great job. Now I want to have my picture taken!”
-Chrystal A.

“My mom and aunts have been all been coming here for years, so I finally went in for a little Botox in my forehead and I loved the experience. Friendly, welcoming staff and the doctors really know their stuff. Whoever you see will leave you feeling and looking amazing!”
-Lindsay F.

This patient has been coming to Dr. Butterwick for laser skin treatments and Botox:

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Groff for about a decade now and I wouldn’t even think about going elsewhere for my Botox. He explains the treatment clearly, answers every question, and is very kind.”
-Anne R.

“Dr. Groff injected Botox into my underarms for my hyperhidrosis and I love it. I feel so much more confident in public and will definitely come see Dr. Groff for more Botox in the future!”
-Jason R.

A Happy Patient Discusses Her Experience With Dr. Fabi

“I always thought my jaw looked too masculine, but I never knew there was anything that could be done about it, especially a non-surgical treatment! Botox and Dr. Fabi completely changed my self image and I couldn’t be happier.”

-Katie K.

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