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Botox Therapy is one of the most popular treatments in Dr. Bucko’s  practice here in San Diego, California. We created our Botox in San Diego Information site for patients interested in this new and exciting anti-wrinkle therapy procedure.

Our highly experienced San Diego staff is available to answer questions you may have regarding Botox. Our Botox in San Diego information site will briefly address Botox topics such as, what you can expect from your Botox procedure, what to look for when selecting a physician for your Botox Therapy, and why Botox treatment prices can widely differ with each physician. We hope you find our Botox in San Diego site both informative and comforting in assisting you in your quest to know more about Botox Therapy available here in San Diego.

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Botox injections, with the recent FDA approval for cosmetic use, have come to the forefront as a temporary solution for wrinkles on certain areas of the face and neck. While Botox injection treatments can provide dramatic improvements in the appearance of wrinkles, the cosmetic use of Botox injections should involve a careful and informed decision.

Botox can dramatically soften expression lines, including worry lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines. These wrinkles occur as the muscles under the skin contract when we laugh, smile or frown, and definitely deepen as we age. A few drops of Botox are injected into the muscle that creates the wrinkle, and works by relaxing these tiny facial muscles, smoothing out the surface skin.

No sedation or local anesthetic is required and there is no down time. A slight temporary bruising may occur at the injection sites, but bruising is usually very mild. The full effect of Botox is apparent in three to five days.

Botox injections can give you a more youthful, refreshed appearance and can last up to six months. Results from clinical trials suggest that the duration of Botox treatment benefit increases with time so you may require injections less frequently in the future.

While Botox injections are generally much more affordable than more traditional cosmetic surgery procedures, they are often most effective when used in conjunction with a more comprehensive strategy. Most doctors skilled in Botox injection therapy will be happy to examine your specific situation and discuss what benefits you might expect from the procedure. Dr. Bucko recommends Botox as treatment for early signs of aging in specific areas, or in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as facelift, eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing, the NLite and the Belladerma Peel for more dramatic results.


Well before the recent FDA approval of the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes, Botox was already the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. However, merely two months after the wrinkle treatment won FDA approval, advertisements began featuring Botox treatments for $99 per area, sharply undercutting the national average price of $340 per area. These bargain prices should raise important issues for patients to consider before undergoing Botox treatments here in San Diego.

Did you know that there is only one manufacturer distributing Botox in the United States, and all physicians in San Diego purchase Botox at the same cost from the same distributor? The manufacturer recommends that Botox be diluted with a fixed amount of saline for the safest and best results. If an office is diluting Botox according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, simple arithmetic says that charging $99 per site doesn’t even cover the doctor’s cost of the product!

Dr. Bucko asked our representative from Allergan, the Botox manufacturer, what could account for such bargain prices seen here in San Diego and all over the country. She replied, “We have to assume that when they charge $99 per area, a practice is either overly diluting Botox, not using the recommended dosage to treat the area effectively, or just plain using Botox as a ‘loss leader.”

Unfortunately there is no way for patients to know if a doctor is over-diluting Botox, so advertisements for exceptionally low cost should raise cause for concern. Recently the Los Angeles Times quoted a plastic surgeon who reported that mixing Botox with “too much saline increases the risk of complications because a dilute solution is more likely to migrate into other muscle areas, causing problems like a droopy eyelid, double vision or a droopy lip.”

“Most likely,” says Dr. Bucko, “when watered down significantly, the benefits of Botox will be compromised as results will either be minimized or short-lasting. The patient may still notice considerable wrinkling and muscular action in an area that usually responds very well to the recommended dosage, and the results could last four weeks at best instead of the three to six month’s benefits patients usually enjoy when they receive the recommended dosage. The patient will most likely require more frequent treatments, and the ultimate cost to the patient could actually be considerably higher.”

According to Dr. Bucko, Botox, when performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, is a great treatment. “My concern is that if a large number of patients receive a watered down version, they will question the effectiveness of Botox and decide it isn’t worth it at any cost.”

“In addition,” states Dr. Bucko, “I recommend that patients always consider having their Botox treatments performed by a facility which offers the full range of cosmetic non-surgical and surgical procedures. It is important that patients be educated about alternatives to Botox that may benefit them before they have the treatment. Patients seeking Botox treatments in the forehead for example should be educated about surgical browlifts which can be a better, more long term solution.” Patients who opt for Botox in an office which specializes in family practice, for example, may not get the accurate information required to make an informed decision about the best cosmetic treatment for their situation.”

Dr. Bucko recommends that patients considering Botox, or any other cosmetic procedure, prioritize results and safety over cost, and also cautions that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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