In order to better showcase realistic results from particular cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Bucko has put together some before and after photos of his patients for you to view on the left. The photos represent common opportunities that face many potential patients and should be used as a research tool for those who have questions or concerns about undergoing future cosmetic surgery.

Individual results vary from patient to patient, and these photos should be taken as general examples of what to expect when undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures and not a guarantee of results.


Dr. Bucko developed the term “ULTRA FACELIFT” to describe his approach to reversing the effects of aging while enhancing the existing qualities of each patient. The ULTRA FACELIFT involves a combination of procedures, both surgical and non surgical, designed to treat the process of aging on multiple levels, and individualized to meet each person’s unique needs and requirements. The four key concepts encompassed in the ULTRA FACELIFT are Prevention, Enhancement, Treatment and Maintenance.

Enlarge the photos to the right by clicking on them to get a better view of how this procedure can dramatically affect the way you look.